Christina - Win Grant Kelly - Win Grant

"This has been a very exciting time for us! I was very surprised to put it mildly, when the funding offer came in so generous at 1 million dollars for my small business. It took my breath away! I even had to repeat the offer to make sure I had heard him correctly! With this large investment we can now buy property and build the shop exactly the way we have been praying for. We are looking forward to a very prosperous future for our shop and the community we will be serving thanks to Woodrow and all his support. I would urge anyone looking for financial backing not to give up!! It takes time and dedication, but it will happen if you want it bad enough."

Christina & Kelly
Christina - Win Grant

"We have worked very hard on the Shufflebowl 300 for several years now. In the end, it evolved into a game table with more than 50 different games which can be played no matter the age, size, or disability the user may have. Woodrow is helping us work through the grant writing process with patience and knowledge. We appreciate so much his professionalism. We found his help invaluable in winning the AT&T Grant and in getting to the point where we are today. We look forward to continued success with Woodrow and U.S. Business Funding Solutions!"

Annette & Jim S.
Cynthia - Win Grant

"I am so excited about the grant I got! I could not have done it without you. Our Monday nights have paid off. You have always given me the best ideas and really helped me to understand the grant process. I appreciate all that you have taught me and been very supportive. Always a phone call away. Thank you, let's keep up the good work."

Cynthia S.

"First of all, we want to thank you for what you are doing for us. The TELCON we had with you the other day was very encouraging. I am retired from the Federal Aviation Administration. For the last seven years I was an Aircraft Accident Investigator. Let me tell you, I know the difference between working with someone who knows what they are doing and those who don't. We found you to be very professional, but still very personable.

"Thanks so much for all you are doing on our behalf."

Maggie & Bob

"I wanted to write and let you know that Roza and I think so much of you and want to Thank You for all the help you are doing for us. We feel along with your help that someone will come through for us and give us the funding that we need to get our Care Home business going. Every night we pray to the Good Lord in Heaven for someone to help us. We feel along with your help that we are going to our Care Home business up and running very soon. I sent out 2 more Business Plans this morning to a couple of Investor. I truly believe that someone is going to help Roza and I. But we want to Thank You so much as well for helping us."

Gary & Roza
Ron and Lola - Win Grant

"This past year I have worked with Randy on helping our business locate to our home. With the help from some of the contacts through the Rural Economic Growth Group we were able to secure a grant, which we are using for construction of a new building to house our catering business. We are able to do our catering in a new area instead of out of our house for the everyday processing of the many foods that we serve.

"Again thanks for the help!"

Ron and Lola

"I couldn't be happier with the business plan!! You exceeded my expectations, which were very high!"

"Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!"


"Truly an amazing experience on Friday! You're inspiring and brilliant! Can't wait until our next session! You amazed me! I see lots of e-mails and I owe you work! I have tomorrow scheduled to crank the work out to you tomorrow for your review and for our next session."


"I just received a copy of the finished business plan that Melissa did and I must say..."NO WONDER I WAS HAVING SUCH A HARD TIME ON MY OWN!!" You guys are awesome at what you do. I am soooo very glad that I decided to get your help. Thanks again for all you are doing."


"I just wanted to let you know that we thank-you and appreciate your commitment and for doing us a great job. Is this all we would need from you to go forward with our search for grants, if so thank-you and and appreciate you and your group of people and their hard work."

James & Anita

"Thank you, I did receive the business plan. I am VERY happy with how it turned out. I have been in over my head for the last month getting the gardens going. With this new business plan, I am now ready to go for those funding opportunities from Randy."


"I just wanted to say that I have been following up on all of your findings. I have been in contact with Keri, I have my business template completed and she was going to tweak it some."

"I want to thank you and Keri for all of your help and time, I cannot thank you enough."


"My name is Jerry and I am currently working with Woody, for the first time, to obtain substantial grant funding to start-up two businesses in West Texas. From the very beginning with Woody I knew we had great knowledge and experience with grant applications and the submission thereof. The successful funding of any grant application means as much to Woody as it does for me. My confidence level is sky high and I look forward for several years of successful grant funding for additional start-up businesses with Woody. He is the greatest!

I gladly grant permission to use this statement."

Vernon - Wins Grant

"I have been able to successfully start my own commercial cleaning business with your help. I am the recipient of a modest needs grant and two financial assistance grants.

I am also in the process of starting my non-profit business for low income families. With your help, I've been given the tools and the knowledge I need to complete these goals. It has been a very spiritual journey for me and have received great gifts from God. You have always been there to guide and advise me in the areas that I may need help.

I would encourage anyone looking to further their goals to seek assistance from you. You are a great company and one that can be trusted."


"Randy is number one! I am in awe of his extensive knowledge in grant guidance. Randy's immediate responses to all my inquiries and his constant reassurances are what set him apart. He is my GPS of financing, but does it with passion, compassion, and eloquence. It is no wonder he has become my personal friend!"


"Thank you Woodrow,

Ken and I really feel more comfortable and have a much better understanding of the grant process than we did a week ago. I attribute this to your outstanding knowledge, thorough explanations, obvious enthusiasm and motivation to help us. I can certainly see how you are very successful in all your endeavors. Ken and I are very fortunate to have you working with us. Thank you.

We look forward to spending more time learning from you and will be especially delighted when we receive our first grant.

Kind Regards,"

Sandra - Wins Grant

"I had my entire Grad School Tuition waived!

I have been wanting to attend Graduate School for a while now, but needed ways to help pay for the tuition. Since I am hearing impaired and have had to wear hearing aids for many years, I wondered if there might be any grants available to help me pay my tuition costs. After taking your class, you taught me to explore all options - so I questioned my audiologist if she knew of any grants available for the hearing impaired. She directed me to the Student Disability department at the university. They referred me to the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. The representative I spoke with emailed me the application - I filled out the paperwork - and I found that I not only quality for assistance, but could have my enitre tuition waived!"


"I just wanted to thank you personally for all of the hard work you put in to developing this business plan. I have read and reviewed the plan and I cannot relay to you in any certain terms just how pleased and impressed I am with the work that you completed. I have already utilized this plan while working with professional contacts in showing them what goes into developing a business and business plan. By the way....I referred them to you and your company like a salesman! I love the work that all of you do and the help that you provide really alleviates stress that I would have otherwise had to deal with. They are going to be calling you and will be informing your employers that I referred them to you. I also sent them to company corporation for the formation of their company before seeking funding with your employer.

Again, thank you and your team soo much for your hard and impressive work. The product really speaks to the level of professionalism which you employ in your job. Please be sure to relay this message to your direct supervisor. I want everyone in a position to reward good work to know just how pleased I am to-date with the services the company has provided.

Sincerely & Respectfully,"


"To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Woodrow for quite awhile now, and am very pleased with him. Like most people, I entered this process without any real knowledge of how it worked. Woodrow has been patient and very helpful in explaining the process itself, as well as the individual grants themselves.

His helpfulness and knowledge has allowed him to guide me through the process up til now, including weekly and/or bi weekly appointments. These appointments give us a chance to stay in touch and keep me updated with what is going on. He is also extremely responsive to my email requests, answering them within a 24 hour period.

I have been very pleased with Woodrow, and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in this grant process with U.S. Business Funding Solutions."



After talking with you again today, I am still amazed on how clear you are making this very difficult process. I actually have begun the process to learn this stuff and to be able to start to navigate my way around a bit. I appreciate the fact that you listen to me and understand what my goals are and that you are able to steer me away from the things that would accomplish nothing. I know I would recommend this program to those looking to do grants and I would certainly point them in your direction. I know I have much work to be done but at least I feel confident that I will get the guidance from you to get to my goals. If you ever need to use this email you certainly have my permission to do so.

Thanks again,"


"Randy has been a great help to me in locating grant funds for starting up my private music therapy clinic. Those who have worked with me are honest, thoughtful, prayerful, dedicated advisors who put their customers' needs first. I would highly recommend them to those who need help in starting up their own small businesses."



WOWWWW!!!!! You are good!! The plan is so professional!! It is absolutely phenomenal!!! What a blessing you are!!!

Thank you so much. I can't tell you what it means to see my "dream" presented in such an outstanding way.

Again, THANK YOU!!!! I will definetely keep you informed. Have a blessed life!!!"


"To whom it may concern,

I have been so pleased with my grant researcher, Randy. He has helped me fill in boxes with a limited amount of space. He is a genius getting all my ideas in, in an intelligent manner. I think I will get this grant."


Kris, I just wanted to say ThankYou again for putting my bussiness plan together, you do very nice work, and I really do appreciate the time that you put in to it, again Thank You!

Chris Hann

"Thanks Randy, I appreciate your help!"


"Thank you so much this is going to be a big help to me. I love it it could not have been any better. Thank you for your time and effort and I will try to utilize it to the best of my ability."

Bill - Win Grant

"We were very surprised on how short of time it took to receive our first check. Working with Woodrow has been a great learning experience. Working with someone who has great patience has been a godsend for us. Woodrow would investigate all the grant proposals for us and explain why or why not to apply for certain grants."


"Thank you Kris. It looks more professional and like a business plan. I very much appreciate your input."


"Randy, All of the grants that you have proposed look great and I am ready to apply. Thanks for all your help."


"Thank you so much Woodrow. It looks wonderful. I can't thank you enough. I'm so grateful and thankful. I hope you have a wonderful day and one day we shall see each other here in Hawaii. Have a blessed day and God bless."


"I would like to say that Woodrow is the best. Just the sound of his voice gives you hope. He works with you and is always there for you. He is truly a huge asset to U.S. Business Funding Solutions."

Roland and Carley

"Thanks Kris, you have been very professional,speedy, and understanding of my deadlines.

Thanks again,"


"I want to thank everyone for all of your help and time, I cannot thank you enough! "


"Randy, Thank you for all that you are doing for me and my family! Many blessings,"


"Hi Kris, Looks great! Thank you again for all your help last night on the financials. It too was a pleasure working with you.

Best regards!"


"Jason said that you were the best, and all I can say is "damn"."

Benny H.

"Janele, Wonderful! So happy. Will recommend this company to anyone."


"Thank you, I did receive the bp. I am VERY happy with how it turned out.

Thanks again,"


"I got the Business Plan. It looks great. Thank you for your hard work. Couldn't have done this without you. Again thank you so much. "


"Thank you so much, your doing a great job, keep those Funding Applications coming."


"All I can say is WOW!!! Beautifully written. To see my dream in print was more than over the top. "


"I very much enjoyed talking to you. Needless to say, my anxiety level is at times through the roof, as I watch my retirement money fly out of the bank, and you let me see "the light at the end of the tunnel", which left me feeling a little more calm."

Talk to you soon, and thank you for all your advice yesterday!"


"I approved my beautifully done business plan. It looks really good. I also appreciate your sending me the grant leads. I am filtering through them and applying to them as I can.

"Thanks for all your help!"